About Us

About Us

Providing compassionate care with a gentle touch.

We know it isn’t just bodies that need care, it’s hearts and minds as well. We listen to our clients with a tender ear so they feel completely heard and understood. All services are provided in luxurious comfort and with complete confidentiality.

We provide caregiving services for patients in any length of required care. Caregivers are available from 8-24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A wide spectrum of hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies all trust Vitale Nursing, Inc. to provide excellent care, often for patients with special circumstances who require in-home services.

Vitale Nursing services include

Certified Nurses’ Aides and Experienced Caregivers

Studies show that most seniors would rather age in their home than in an Assisted Living Facility, but the natural aging process can make that difficult over time. Vitale Nursing Home Care provides in-home care services that can help prolong independent living.  Loneliness and depression are all too common among seniors.  Sometimes a regular visit from someone who is willing to listen and provide companionship can make all the difference.

For Seniors who need a little extra help, Vitale Nursing’s highly trained caregivers can assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) such as helping with meals, personal care, and running errands.  For those who need a higher level of care, Vitale Nursing caregivers can provide bathing, personal hygiene, and incontinence care.

Registered Nurses

Licensed to administer I.V. infusions, medications needing careful monitoring. (Subject to State Compensation Insurance rules)

Licensed Vocational Nurses

Licensed to provide close monitoring of patients and specific medical procedures ordered by the physician.

We are insured, bonded and a licensed Home Care Organization through the State of California.

Post-Operative Care

Cosmetic, reconstructive and other elective medical procedures, open heart surgery and spinal surgery, require specialized care and attention during the recovery period. Particularly important are the first 24-72 hours after surgery when skilled post-operative nursing care is essential for ensuring that your body’s strongest healing processes are set in motion.

Vitale Nursing, Inc. is an aftercare option like no other. Our program is exclusively focused on serving patient’s in that brief yet important time period after surgery and safe return home. Vitale Nursing, Inc. provides the most comprehensive post-surgical aftercare available, with 24-hour RN or LVN. Our nurses are trained in post-operative recovery care and are familiar with your physicians protocols for medication, treatments and activity restrictions.  Our nurses are chosen for their skill level, “bedside manner” and commitment to your safe and rapid recovery. They are professional caregivers who are committed to providing the highest caliber of care.

Confidentiality and discretion assured.

We work closely with internationally renowned doctors.

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Vitale Nursing, Inc. was founded by Julie Wozniak, RN in 2008. Ms. Wozniak is a registered nurse who specializes in geriatric and post operative care. Ms. Wozniak is a health care provider who is committed and dedicated to her patients’ well-being and happiness. Vitale Nursing, Inc. upholds Ms. Wozniak’s high standards and dedication to the health care profession. 

Whether we can be there to care for you after surgery or for the long term we make sure that you feel safe, comfortable and are always treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

We bring peace of mind to family members who don’t live nearby.  They know their loved one is being taken care of and taken care of by a competent caregiver who is licensed and insured.  Vitale Nursing, Inc. will keep in touch with family members and keep them updated.